O Private Office recommend authoritative specialists whom clients can work with, confide in and trust in matters related to property acquisition and beyond.

O Private Office work with Londons most reputable firms and distinguished service providers.

Law Firms - to advise and represent the client on a purchase

Chartered Surveyors - to review and scrutinize the real condition of a property (from M&E conditions to general documentation)

Accountancy and Tax advisors - to recommend the best possible deal structure for the client in question

Asset Managers - to provide valuable insight on managing and/or investing one’s wealth

Immigration and Naturalization experts - to facilitate the process of moving countries and changing residence status
Education advisors - to guide parents in identifying the right school or university for their children, and counsel on matriculation
O Private O Ltd is registered in England and Wales as a Private Limited Company, Registered No. 7858730. Registered Office: 141 Wardour Street, London W1F 0UT